“Our work is to show that we have been breathed upon – to show it, give it out, sing it out, to live in the topside world what we have received through our sudden knowing from story, from body, from dreams and journeys of all sorts” – Clarissa Pinkola Estes





EACH CIRCLE MEETS ONCE PER MONTH AND EACH BEGINS BY PLACING OUR ATTENTION ON OUR SPIRITUAL CENTER.  Although I teach from a Native American foundation, we know there are many paths up the mountain.  All paths are welcomed and honored in the circles.  The experiential exercises follow the flow and feel of the seasons.  There are many days and times to choose from – evenings, weekdays and weekends. Choose your sacred circle based on your preference of qualities, element, animal spirit and realm by visiting our seasons and sessions page.

DRUM and SOUND HEALING CIRCLE – We use various forms of vibration, such as simple drum rhythms, singing bowls, chanting, toning, simple sacred dance movements, aromatherapy, and beautiful music to create a shift in our consciousness.  This shift creates a still place where clarity and insight can be testimonialprofoundly felt.  Out of this place of higher vibration, personal healing and a sense of unity with Spirit can be achieved.  This circle includes elements of the Shamanic Journey, Meditation, and Sound Healing Circles.

SHAMANIC JOURNEY CIRCLE – You will be introduced to the ancient ways of the shaman.  Journeying can serve as a powerful support for the many experiences we go through in our lives.  As you follow the heartbeat of the drum, you will learn how to enter the shamanic state of consciousness to seek guidance, insight, and healing.  As humans all over the Earth have done for millennia, we will journey to remember our connection to the Earth and all her creatures.  Journeying is an excellent way to renew your relationship with Spirit and your own soul's gifts as well as strengthen the power of your intuition.





MEDITATION CIRCLE – You will learn various forms of deep relaxation techniques, which allow the mind and body to become quiet and more receptive to Spirit.  Carving out this time to practice meditation each month will deepen your access and provide an opportunity for sharing your experiences.  You will be amazed how your mind, body and spirit will begin to yearn for this time together.

SOUND HEALING CIRCLE – You will sit or lie in a relaxed position while listening to me play various instruments.  While playing or singing, I will hold a loving intent for your well-being.  There will be an opportunity to share if you wish.  Some have shared that they experienced very profound peace and relaxation.  We know that loving and intentionally created sound never dies and travels not only to the center of our bones but beyond our circle to the very core of the Earth Mother.  

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