“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
– Audre Lourde




A private session with me is as varied as each individual who comes. There is an intent that is created between you, Spirit, and me, usually over the phone.  We talk about what you need and what I can offer.  We clarify your intention and begin to open our hearts to Spirit’s (my word, not necessarily yours) guidance and assistance before you arrive.  You may be drawn to have a Private Shamanic Journey for discovering your power animals or to gain insight; Soul Retrieval to integrate possible fragmented aspects of your soul’s essence; Extraction to facilitate the release of unwanted thought forms; Chakra Healing to focus love or healing energy; or you may want a Personalized Sound Healing Session, or experience a Sacred Dance, just to name a few possible experiences.  For more information on these modalities and others, please scroll down.

SHAMANIC JOURNEY – In this ancient process, we clarify your intent or discover what insight you would like to gain.  We create a spiritual center, honoring the assistance of all that is divine, using whatever names are comfortable to you.  It is my humble opinion that our guides, whether we think of them as power animals, ancient ones, guardians or angels are available to us every moment. All we need to do is simply place our attention on them. They dance in expectant anticipation…waiting for us…waiting to assist us on our Earth walk. Then following the sound of the sacred drum, either you or I, journey to the Shamanic state of consciousness and ask your guides or allies to assist you.

A Soul Retrieval is a very powerful process of reclaiming energy or vital essence that is connected to an event or trauma that occurred in your life.  The “dissociation” you may have experienced during the event is actually a healthy, self-preservation response, much like putting something on a shelf until you are ready or able to look at it.  What returns to you during the Soul Retrieval process is the gift or gifts that were lost as a result of the event.  What may also come home is a power animal that is connected to your gift and who may become a very powerful guide for you in your life. 

wellnessownerEXTRACTION – An Extraction is a process that removes energy or unwanted thought forms that are held in your spiritual body.  This energy is not thought of as bad; it is simply misplaced.  It may be in disharmony with your sacred spiritual path and may therefore result in illness.  What I offer is a spiritual process of extraction which solely involves the energy body, not the physical body.

DRUM OR CHAKRA HEALING – A drum or chakra healing session can take many, many forms but one example is one in which I drum your heartbeat while I hold the space of a “hollow bone”…asking Spirit to pour love and healing energy into each of your chakras or energy centers.  There is some guided visualization involved in this type of healing.

SOUND HEALING – A sound healing session provides a delicious time spent together where you lay or sit in a relaxed state, listening to various instruments which I play, while holding a very strong intent for your well-being.  Those who are familiar with Dr. Masaro Emoto’s groundbreaking work know that our bodies are composed of 70% water and we know that sound can impact the actual molecules of water in a very profound way…especially when a strong intent of love or healing is held while the sound is played or sung.
SACRED DANCE – The Sacred Dance is a powerful way to bring your intent or prayer for healing or balance into your body while you learn a simple ancient dance form.  It is also possible to dance for peace or healing of the planet on an individual or a group level.  Absolutely no dance experience is needed.





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