“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
– Audre Lourde




The lacing style for the center of The Sacred Medicine Wheel Drum came to me in a vision.  I knew immediately that Spirit was giving me a significant means for you to connect.  Eight is a sacred number in the Chippewa tradition.  The first eight stones that come into the Sacred Sweat Lodge are blessed with and honored for the following qualities.  The particular point on the eight pointed star is not the important aspect of this opportunity; the energies below are all available to you, whenever you need it, regardless of what point of the star you are focusing on. When you hold your drum, you have a tool for connection.  When you place your hands on the center handhold, you have an opportunity to create a connection from the center of yourself, or your heart, to the center of the qualities and feelings of each of the following.  When you play a Sacred Medicine Wheel Drum with your focus or intent on the following energies…your family, your friends, your animal friends, your community, and the world feels and shares in your connection.  Enjoy the journey.
healingsoundsCREATOR – The Creator is the beginning of life and its ending, the great mystery within all things and around all things, the universal energy, which many people address as God.  In many Native languages the word for the Creator was not a noun.  The word was a verb, indicating the movement, the activity, the motion, the pulsation of this sacred, never-ending force. Creator teaches us about our own ability to create, about our faith, about our own sacredness, and about our ability to develop to our fullest. Creator teaches us to be profoundly grateful for all that is provided for us to manifest our highest path on this Earth plane.  Creator is the stunning, pulsing, center of all there is.
EARTH MOTHER - The Earth Mother is the essence of the Sacred Feminine. She nurtures us; she grounds us and loves us unconditionally. She provides all that we need to eat and drink and all that our eyes feast upon.  She provides the air we breathe, the wind that blows through our hair, and the creatures that we share her green altar with.  She is an amazing healing energy.  She takes all that we pour on her face and does the best she can to transmute the toxins and chemicals.  She grows flowers and food for us in the spring.  Connect with her in love, in gratitude, with your heart open to hear what she needs from us…to heal…to live.
FATHER SUN – The Father Sun is the essence of the Sacred Masculine.  Father Sun causes all of the children of the Earth to awaken; to get up to greet the new day with its fresh promise.  He provides the energy and passion for rapid growth…even when we resist.  He teaches us about discernment, about making choices in our lives.  With the energy and heat of the sun, our food thrives and nourishes our bodies.  As we walk in the light of the day, the energy of the sun, the Sacred Masculine, teaches us where to place our feet on this Earth walk.
GRANDMOTHER MOON – Grandmother Moon teaches us about our psychic world, our intuitive world.  When we go to her in the dream time, she teaches us unconsciously.  She teaches us about our deepest spiritual world.  She allows knowing and insights to bubble to the surface when we open our eyes in the morning.  Grandmother Moon pulls on the center of ourselves…pulls on our deepest knowing…much like she pulls on the oceans of the Earth…creating life-giving flow.
THE ENERGIES OF THE EAST – The eastern gateway, the place where the sun rises, teaches us about the stunning qualities of new beginnings.  The morning sun reminds us of the innocence of a new birth. The sun creeping up the horizon teaches us about the unfolding of our own potential.  The dawning is the time to take the knowledge of Spirit received in sleep and turn it outward, to guide our steps through the new day that has come.  The season of the East is the spring, when the Earth is awakening from the sleep of winter and the new life which has been preparing itself in the womb of the Earth bursts forth.  It is the power of enlightenment that comes when we know our proper place in the universe, our unity with all of our relations, and the love that has powered the Creation from its beginnings.
THE ENERGIES OF THE SOUTH – The southern gateway, the place where the sun is at its highest, teaches us about rapid growth.  This is the time of reaching outward and growing in the things of the world. It is the time of testing wisdom by bringing it into physical being and helping it to grow.  This is the place where our emotions are teaching us about love and about trust.  It is the power of growing rapidly while learning to trust feelings and intuitions. The season of the South is the summertime, when the promises of the spring are fulfilled.  The plants that began to bud come to full blossom and bear their fruit. All things in nature grow in both body and mind, as they mature and take in the wisdom of the living, breathing Earth.
THE ENERGIES OF THE WEST – The western gateway, the place where the sun sets, teaches us about strength and introspection.  As the sun goes down, we stop our outward activities and take time to contemplate what gains we have made, what lessons we have learned. It is the power of strength that can come only from knowing ourselves. In the semi-light of dusk, thoughts begin to turn from things of the world to things of the spirit.  The season of the West is the autumn, when the growth of summer stops and the Earth’s children prepare for their season of renewal.  All of the things in nature stop their growing and consolidate the growth that they have had, the things that they have learned in the previous season. We begin to look within ourselves and see what is strong enough to survive the time of renewal that is to come.
THE ENERGIES OF THE NORTH – The northern gateway, the place of the darkest of the night, teaches us about renewal and purity.  At night, when resting from the thoughts of the material world, we come closer to the spirit than we do during any of our waking hours.  During sleep many of us learn lessons that we cannot or will not learn when we are awake.  As we die to the world that is usually around, to the world that absorbs with things of the outside, we are born to the world of spirit, to the world always within.  The season of the North is the winter, when the Earth is lying dormant, but the dormancy is only external.  It is new life cloaked in death, rapid growth cloaked in rest.  The seeds of one season lie in the Earth, resting, being purified, and gathering in the Earth energy that will allow them to burst forth in the spring.
Should you choose to birth a Sacred Medicine Wheel Drum with me, my wish is that you walk with your new drum in peace and balance on the face of our mother, the Earth.

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