'The drum connects our heart to the
heartbeat of Mother Earth'





WOMEN’S DRUM BIRTHING RETREAT – A drum is a powerful tool, which can be used for honoring Spirit, healing, clearing and generating energy.  During a weekend women's retreat, we will use the shamanic technique of journeying to learn from Spirit how to deliver into being your 16" round, Sacred Medicine Wheel Drum and a beautiful beater.  The lacing pattern we use to hold the skin on the head of your drum was provided to Snake Dancer in a vision.  It is a powerful symbol which invites your heart to open to the energies of the ancient Sacred Medicine Wheel of Life.  The skin we use was offered up to us by Grandmother Elk, a wonderful teacher who we honor in our process.  You will also learn simple drum rhythms that may inspire a deeper relationship between you and the natural world.  It is possible in the process of birthing your drum to experience a deep, personal transformation and an initiatory type of integration of your personal power.



This two day workshop, usually facilitated on two consecutive Saturdays, welcomes women and men and is a very powerful alternative to the retreat described above.  You will create, in a sacred way, the same drum and beater.

FIVE DAY INTENSIVE RETREAT – This intensive five day retreat is offered to retreat and wellness centers all over the planet.  We will birth a drum in the manner previously described. During our extended time together you will learn how to use your new sacred tool to shift consciousness, honor Spirit, and increase your intuition.  You will learn ways to use the energy of the drum, the power of intent, and your sacred connection with Spirit, to empower yourself, your family, and your community. We will also focus some time on the dynamics of forming your own sacred circles in your community.

HOW TO CREATE AND LIVE THE MEDICINE WHEEL WORKSHOP – During this one day workshop we will build a Sacred Medicine Wheel on your land in the way taught by the late Sun Bear, a powerful Chippewa elder.  The Medicine Wheel is a tool for living your life consciously, in connection with the elements, animals, plant beings, and stone people of the Earth.  Deep personal lessons are available to inspire us when we focus our intent on each of the 36 stones that comprise the wheel.  The wheel calls our attention to the changing of the seasons and all that each cycle has to offer us. It is an extraordinary family and community tool for increasing personal and planetary awareness.

SACRED RATTLE MAKING – This one day process offers you an opportunity to make a sacred rattle in the way of the shaman. Through shamanic journey experiences you will gain insight for how this tool might be used in the world.

SACRED DANCE – This one day experience is a very powerful time for learning how to integrate our prayer and intent for peace and healing of ourselves or the planet. I will teach you several gentle and simple indigenous dances which you can incorporate into your spiritual practice.  Absolutely no dance experience is needed.

SACRED CHANTING – Together we will explore the sacred sounds created by our original instrument – our voice.  We will use our intent to connect with Spirit and fill our bodies with beautiful resonance.  Energy never dies.  As we put forth our sound, mingled with our love, the Earth and all her inhabitants rejoice.  No vocal experience or expertise is needed.

SOUND HEALING – During this one day workshop we will explore some principles of the efficacy and healing power of intentionally created sound.  However, during the majority of our time together, you will simply relax and receive a continuous flow of loving vibration emanating from my voice and numerous indigenous instruments.

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