“To learn to see, to learn to hear, you must do this — go into the wilderness alone.
For it is not I that can teach you the ways of the gods. Such things are only learned in solitude.“
— Don Jose Matsuwa


I received the name “Snake Dancer” from Spirit in a profound Vision Quest experience.  Snake is a powerful healing metaphor in both Native American and western medicine traditions.  I am of Muscogee Creek and Choctaw heritage and I am a Council member of the Buffalo Trace Society. 

Much of the inspiration for my decision to surrender the flow and feel of the Sacred Circles to the powerful teachings of the Sacred Medicine Wheel of Life came from the extraordinary life work of the late Sun Bear; my several year initiatory-type apprenticeship with Grandmother Pathweaver, a woman who has dedicated her life to igniting spiritual awareness in those she teaches; and a life changing vision I had while working with Carol Proudfoot Edgar.  I honor my longtime teacher, an incredible Healer and Master Drummer, Ed “Two Moons” Rothwell, who taught me to use the drum to shift consciousness.  I had the privilege of completing intensive sound healing training with Jonathan Goldman, jgoldmanan internationally recognized Sound Healer.  The gift of the soul retrieval process was entrusted to me by my friend and colleague Veronica Lamb, one of Sandra Ingerman’s “chosen teachers” on the East Coast.  My heart flows with love, honor, and respect for all the energy and beings that guide and teach us from other realms.

Every year I also assist Grandmother Pathweaver with powerful Vision Quest experiences which provide an opportunity for the natural world to guide you in your personal transformation.  I facilitate Women's Drum Birthing Retreats, All Gender Drum Birthings, and numerous workshops and spiritual circles.  I have a private practice in the rolling hills of Landenberg, Pennsylvania and I am available for speaking or experiential engagements at Conferences and Independent Schools.




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